About Cent'Anni Life

Self Care is Paramount to a Balanced Life


You’re in the right place if . . .

  • You might be experiencing high levels of stress
  • You might be frustrated that life is pulling you in several directions, leaving little time for self care
  • You’re worried that things need to change otherwise your quality of life will decline

And that’s why Cent’Anni Life exists

Been there Done That

As a 24 + year veteran of the fire service, I work in a high-stress environment that can have a cumulative effect on overall wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit.  In April of 2014, while in training to become an Illinois Firefighter Peer Support team member, I realized that I had a major issue with stress in my life.  When the topic of post-traumatic stress was discussed, I felt as if this was about me.  I sought help and was treated for this anxiety condition.

What did I remember feeling at that time?

For over 16 years I always felt on edge as my stress response was perpetually ramped up.  For many of those years I was sedentary, averaging only 4 1/2 hours of sleep a night, and had a poor diet.  By lunchtime I was so exhausted that I had to take a nap.  At the time of my diagnosis, I felt like a hamster spinning the wheel in a cage with no end in sight- I was at my wits end.


When Enough was Enough

From a physical standpoint: 8 years prior to my diagnosis- I was told (during an annual department physical), that I was pre-diabetic.  At that time, I began to exercise regularly and changed my dietary habits.  As a result, I lost 20 pounds.   However, in the years that followed, I never felt completely whole as a person because my stress levels remained at an all time high.

The Solution

As a client, I partnered with practitioners from the following disciplines: counseling, chiropractic care, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, nutrition response testing ( dietary guidance), massage therapy,  and advanced exercise routines (I became a personal trainer along the way).  I felt empowered by the experience of transformation, and with guidance/coaching, I was steered on the right path towards wellbeing.  The greatest satisfaction came from taking that first step and doing all the hard work with just a little nudge from my helpers.

What Happened

In order for all the chosen modalities to work synergistically, it was paramount that I learn to manage my elevated stress levels.  Taking it one day at a time, I completed assignments given to me by my healing team and researched with earnest to gain a complete understanding of what was asked of me.   As I better managed my stress,  I noticed that things I once obsessed or worried about (finances, interpersonal relationships, health) improved with time.


How Am I Doing Now

These days my stress levels have been greatly reduced, my spirits are high, and I have lost (and kept off) a total of 36 pounds for over 6 years. However, the greatest gift I received were several valuable life lessons.  First, by working with others (clients) I will continue to heal from within.  Second, the support of like-minded people was a key ingredient to this transformative journey.  Lastly, it is going to take a lifelong concerted effort on my part to maintain a balanced life, but perseverance is- and will always be the cornerstone to my success.

One of the biggest barriers to a successful lifestyle modification program is the daily stresses of life.  Our goal is to help others-in-kind to manage these hurdles in the best way they can to achieve a balanced life for increased longevity, wellbeing, and peace of mind.

About Tim Grutzius

President + Founder

Tim is certified by the American Council on Exercise in both Personal Training and Health Coaching. He  also holds a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice and Certificate in Wellness Consulting from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Additionally, he is certified as a Usui Reiki Master practitioner under the guidance of the Rev. Shannon L. Chada.


He does volunteer work for the Illinois Firefighter Peer Support Team whose mission is to lift the stigma associated with behavioral health issues within the firefighting and Emergency Medical Services communities.

Additionally, Tim is an Advisory Member of PTSDChat.org – an online support community for those with PTSD.  He frequently facilitates this organization’s podcast and regularly contributes to its weekly Twitter chat.