Self-Compassion is a necessary component to a more balanced life, but often times falls by the wayside in our hurried pace of life. Here is Brigit Anna McNeill’s thoughts on self-compassion:

“The first medicine you must choose is the medicine of self love and self compassion.
It is from this place of care and respect for who you are that your choices will change.
When you love yourself what you choose for yourself will be different.

You will no longer choose the things, the voices, the people, the foods or the moments that will do you harm. You will instead choose real healing, a healthy voice, good medicine, nourishing foods, wholesome people and inspiring moments.

If you do not care for yourself and love yourself you will keep pouring poison in some form into your bones, believing that you deserve less than, believing that you deserve to be destroyed.

You will never truly come back home to your body, to clean out the cobwebs and strengthen the foundations when you do not love the home you see.”


What are your thoughts about self-compassion?

When the going gets tough and negative self-talk creeps in, what do you do to treat yourself with compassion?

If you are unfamiliar or do not practice self-compassion, would you like to learn ways to get you started?

Please feel free to add your responses or questions in the comments section. I want this to be a learning experience where we give and receive on this very important topic. For it is in a community of like-minded individuals that this world will become a better place to live.