Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in a program I don’t see listed.

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What specifically is included in the Body Composition Assessment & Coaching?

  • Learn your baseline fitness levels and what they mean (based on the results of testing method chosen below)
  • Discuss your personal goals and challenges
  • Receive a tailored plan with recommendations for corrective exercise
  • Follow up assessments provided at client’s request to demonstrate client improvement.
  • Testing Methods and Pricing
    • Circumference measurements, Bioimpedance, or Skin Calipers: $15
    • Performance testing (strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility): $25
    • Posture Screening (used to identify muscular imbalances that lead to common posture dysfunctions): $15
    • All three assessments: $45


What specifically is included in the Health/Lifestyle Assessment?

  • Initial Consult (Review health history and lifestyle questionnaire forms; discuss and examine previous attempts at lifestyle modification and goal setting; identify support systems, potential barriers, and behavioral contracts.)
  • Homework assignments provided as guidance throughout the program.
  • Health coaching delivered (bi-weekly) either in-person, via Skype/Zoom Conferencing, or by phone. Bi-weekly email support.
  • Client must commit to a minimum of 3 months to see progress.
  • Pricing:
    • 90 minute session: $125
    • 30 minute follow-up session: $25
    • 60 minute follow-up session: $50

What is Reiki?

Chronic stress can lead to the development of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes; this is well-documented. Many people seek Reiki because it promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and balance to the mind, body, and spirit.  Reiki is a complementary modality where energy is channeled (from practitioner to client) through either hovered hands or light touch. In this way, the client becomes his or her own healer.  Healing is an inside job, and that is where the Reiki journey begins.

What is offered as part of the Pantry & Refrigerator Assessment?

  • Inventory of client pantry and refrigerator, either in-person or via online videoconference.
  • Discussion and coaching about food selection choices.
  • Client to take photos to record progress throughout.
  • Pricing
    • one hour session: $35


What is included in the Grocery Shopping Coaching program?

  • Discussion and coaching about current food selection choices.
  • Onsite grocery store shopping trip (within 15 miles of office), with real-time coaching and advice on better food choices and suggested replacements.
  • $35/one hour session


What topics are covered in the 9-Week Lifestyle Modification Program? 

Topics include stress reduction techniques; food journaling and assessment; physiology of weight loss; goal setting and accountability; mindful eating; physical activity recommendations; special topics (healthy food choices, food preparation, grocery store tour, etc.); relapse prevention coaching; graduation day.

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