How I Got Here

The Old Tim

I always felt on edge and stressed. I was sedentary. I averaged 4 1/2 hours of sleep a night. My diet was terrible. I was pre-diabetic. I carried extra weight. By lunchtime, I was so exhausted that I had to take a nap.

My Awakening

During Illinois Firefighter Peer Support training, I realized that I had a major issue with stress in my life. When the topic of post-traumatic stress was discussed, I immediately recognized the symptoms within myself. They were talking about me.

My lifestyle and choices were preventing me from being the very best me. I partnered with practitioners from counseling, chiropractic care, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, nutrition guidance, massage therapy, and advanced exercise routines. Together they steered me down a path towards wellbeing. They pushed and nudged and helped me to find my best self.

As I regained control of myself physically, one component still remained: my elevated stress levels. As I learned ways to better managed my stress, I began to notice that things I once obsessed or worried about (finances, interpersonal relationships, health, etc.) improved.

This important relationship between mind, body, and spirit was so apparent to me. I could not fix one and ignore another and expect optimum results. The mind, body, and spirit rely on and affect one another intrinsically. Once I understood how to get these three connected and working in unison, I thrived.

Who I Am Today

I know how to manage my stress; I’m empowered; my body is in great physical condition. I’m able to tackle the daily bumps in the road with ease and confidence. I became a personal trainer, and pursued certifications that would allow me to share what I learned through my own personal struggles.

Get started now on your path to wellness.

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