In this post I leave you with my reflections on life after Covid-19:

In the State of Illinois we have entered what is being dubbed as the Peak Week of Covid-19 (the greatest number of cases), that gives me pause to believe that the life after will soon be upon us.  In the current news cycle we are inundated with 24/7 coverage of this pandemic and it seems that all hope is lost – I beg to differ.  Just yesterday it was announced that the prevalence of cases in New York and Italy are on the decline (insert big exhale here).  We may still have a ways to go, but with a little faith and hope – this too shall pass. Now that we have been asked to comply with a shelter in place order,  I continue to realize  that many things are taken for granted when lost in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. So what are they?

  • Becoming one with nature if only to take a walk (with the dog, family, friends, or solo). In the past, have we simply disregarded this simple pleasure because we were just too busy?
  • Going to our favorite restaurants, not only for the food, but the social aspect as well?
  • Self-care activities: the gym, haircut, manicure/pedicure, massage, vacations, beaches, sporting events, etc.
  • Holiday dinners – Easter will not happen this year, but can we do it virtually?
  • Rites of passage: prom, spring break, graduation – many have been cancelled.
  • Relationships: will they be valued, strengthened, or tested for stability?
  • Education: eLearning is in place, but what students now realize is that social interaction is paramount to this process (they are missing their friends and teachers).
  • First responders and healthcare workers who offer comfort and care to the sick and injured (they are taxed beyond belief right now).
  • Essential workers: postal worker, truck drivers, manufacturing facilities, etc

This list is by no means exhaustive, and may I suggest that you add to this one or create your own.  There will be a life after Covid-19, and the question is: How will we respond?  Will we fall back into old patterns or truly appreciate what we have long taken for granted?  These are questions that only each of us can answer (as we are on our own unique journey through this lifetime).  The other night I woke up with the following song by Maureen McGovern running through my head that inspired great food for thought.  Until next time –

Be well and take care,


There’s got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night We have a chance to find the sunshine Let’s keep on lookin’ for the light Oh, can’t you see the morning after It’s waiting right outside the storm Why don’t we cross the bridge together And find a place that’s safe and warm It’s not too late, we should be giving Only with love can we climb It’s not too late, not while we’re living Let’s put our hands out in time There’s got to be a morning after We’re moving closer to the shore I know we’ll be there by tomorrow And we’ll escape the darkness We won’t be searchin’ any more There’s got to be a morning after (There’s got to be a morning after) There’s got to be a morning after (There’s got to be a morning after) There’s got to be a morning after (There’s got to be a morning after) There’s got to be a morning after (There’s got to be a morning after) There’s got to be a morning after MAUREEN MCGOVERN