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One of the greatest barriers to a successful lifestyle modification program is the daily stressors of life. Our goal is to help others-in-kind navigate these hurdles in the best way possible to achieve a balanced life for increased longevity, wellbeing, and peace of mind.

Personal Training

Personal & Group

Grocery Store Tour

Cent’Anni Life Collaboration


Personal Training

Individual Personal Training:
Single Session: $40/hour
Package of 3: $99
Package of 8: $280

Small Group Personal Training (2-4 clients):
• A maximum of 4 clients per session is allowed
Single Session: $30/hour per person
Package of 3: $75 per person
Package of 8: $225 per person

All clients within the small group must have common goals regarding exercise to have a consistent, progressive program. For both the individual and small group formats, the trainer will meet at your location (within 15 miles of home base). If meeting at a fitness facility- permission must be secured prior to the first session.

Body Composition:
Circumference measurements, Bioimpedance, or Skin Calipers: $15
Performance testing (strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility): $25
Posture Screening (used to identify muscular imbalances that lead to common posture dysfunctions): $15
All 3 for $45

The results of the assessments will be used to provide baseline fitness levels as well as for initial program design that includes corrective exercise. Follow up assessments at the client’s request, can be compared to the baseline to demonstrate client improvement.

Health Coaching:

Initial Consult – During this consultation, the health coach and client will review the health history and lifestyle questionnaire forms. The discussion will also examine previous attempts at lifestyle modification, goal setting, support systems, potential barriers, and behavioral contracts. Homework assignments will be provided as guidance throughout the program. Health coaching is delivered (bi-weekly) either in-person, via Skype/Zoom Conferencing, or by phone and includes bi-weekly email support. Client must commit to a minimum of 3 months to see progress.


$125 for 90 minutes

Follow up session:
$25 for 30 minutes
$50 for 60 minutes


Pantry Makeover

During this educational session, the health coach will assist the client in an inventory of his/her pantry and refrigerator. The client will be asked to take pictures for personal reference and comparison as their lifestyle program progresses. Additionally, there will be discussion about modifications to food selection that is more supportive to this new wellness journey. A home visit or Skype session will be conducted.

$35 for a 1 hour session

During a visit to a local grocery store, the health coach will model and the client will demonstrate practical application of: shopping the perimeter, reading food labels, choosing whole/fresh versus processed items while working from a prepared menu and grocery list.

1 Hour Session: $35

Grocery Store Tour

Cent’Anni Life Collaboration

The Cent’Anni Life Collaboration is a 9 week (8 content + graduation day) facilitated lifestyle modification group that is delivered both in-person and virtually (via Google Hangouts), along with a closed Facebook page for support and accountability. This custom-designed program may include the following topics:

1. Introductions + Stress/Stress reduction techniques
2. Food journaling/reading labels
3. Physiology of weight loss
4. Goal Setting + accountability
5. Mindful Eating
6. Importance of Physical Activity
7. Special Topic (agreed upon by the group during week one)- i.e. healthy cooking/food preparation, grocery store tour.
8. Relapse prevention
9. Graduation Day

Prices for this program begin at $300 per person. Final cost is determined by any additional needs of the sponsoring organization.  Class size minimum is 25 participants.

Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes wellbeing.  Reiki is translated as Rei = Universal and Ki = Life energy (Universal Life Energy). During the session, the client remains fully clothed and the treatment is administered by the practitioner through either light touch or the hands hover over the blocked energy (chakra) centers. No session will be exactly alike as each evolves organically according to the energetic needs of the client at that time. This holistic modality will be a nice compliment to any health coaching and/or personal training program.

This offering should not be construed as medical advice, nor should it take the place of regularly scheduled appointments with a licensed healthcare professional.

$60/hour (Practitioner office or distance healing)
$75/hour (travel to location within 15 miles of home base)