In conclusion of a two-part repost, I am sharing another Self Care and Fitness Education blog entry from December 29th, 2015.

As both 2015 and the second full year of this blog quickly come to a close, I want to leave you with some final food for thought.  A few months ago in a post titled Transitions (10/1/15), I referenced the universal timeline from which I pulled off some of life’s lessons left behind by the dearly departed.  So just exactly what is this timeline of which I speak?

     While sitting to pen this post, my thoughts drifted back to the day of my Dad’s wake a few years ago where I delivered his eulogy.  I remember relating the lessons I learned about the quality of his character and personality.  It was during this recounting that I spoke about the all -encompassing universal timeline where each of us deposits both positive and negative aspects of our existence into the bank of life, and it is here where all humanity can withdraw from either type of account.  To make this more concrete, think of what I am saying in terms of positive and negative energy:  How do you feel when a person in a foul mood walks into the room of an otherwise upbeat environment?  Does it change the atmosphere?  Did you or others absorb some of this negative energy (aka make a withdrawal from the negative bank account)?  So why discuss this?

     The universal timeline is a tool with great change-agent capabilities for both good and bad.  Think about it. A substantial way in which we make negative deposits/withdrawals is via news media outlets.  I can recall countless times where the first 15 minutes of the evening newscast was devoted to delivering bad news about war, social unrest, terrorism, and local crimes that were committed.  The media cannot be totally faulted because it is their job to report these types of events.  However, the more we are exposed to the negative side of life-the more negative we can become (at least it has been my own personal experience that negativity begets negativity).  With the constant bombardment of the same storyline over several weeks or months, it’s no wonder why so many people hold a bleak outlook on life.  We need to change the course direction of this world and become change agents for positivity.

     Throughout time, countless stories (both reality and fiction) have told the tales of good triumphing over evil/bad.  In order to course correct, collectively as a human race we need to make far more positive deposits on to the universal timeline to be made available for others to withdrawal from.  How we do this is a personal, group, or organizational responsibility.  The bottom line is that if we fill the world with vast amounts of positivity, then it/they will beget positivity.  It should be the part of everyone’s personal vision to include the following concepts to:


·         BE POSITIVE




     Imagine what this world would be like if all the media could report on was good, wholesome stories.  A daunting task, but 2016 is just the new beginning we can use to take these first steps.  

As 2019 marches on towards its close, what I wrote almost four years ago may still seem like a daunting task. My belief is that it is going to take a collaborative effort of like-minded people, working together to shift towards the positive. I leave you with the words of author Kate Forsyth as a call to action:

“May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and spirit brave.”

In health and wellness,