The following post appeared in my Self Care and Fitness Education Blog on October 1st, 2015. After revisiting, I wanted to share this again as it is still poignant in 2019enjoy life.

     There are many transitions in life that one goes through while walking this planet Earth of ours: infancy through childhood, elementary to high school to college or vocational school, dating to marriage, moving from city to city or state to state, and young to elderly adult.  However, the greatest transition in life is made when we move from the earthly to eternal life (life into infinity).  It is the final exclamation point on our life’s purpose for which we will be most remembered.

     Earlier this week, I attended the wake and funeral of a friend’s dad and my thoughts began to drift back to the beginning of this year.  For some reason, either people I know directly or those from my extended circle (or those they know) have transitioned from this world.  Ask me why and I can truthfully say I do not have the answer. As far as I can figure it, these chosen many were called to sleep with the angels because their mission in this lifetime was completed.  It is the lesson(s) they leave behind for us to take note of is what’s most important to our peace of mind.  Usually, it is some snippet of wisdom that they impart in the days or weeks prior to their departure.

     A few that have left this year were due to an illness diagnosed too late for any chance at full recovery.  The common parting instructions were for us to take care of ourselves from a health standpoint, and not ignore the early warning signs. Others were shut off from this world either due to behavioral health or dementia issues, and thus left us only to wonder why they transitioned, as they had no final words they could or would not articulate.  However, it is the body of work completed during their lifetime that we can glean the most to guide us in the right direction.  The snapshot of a person’s life is covered in none other than their eulogy.  Which brings me to my next case in point.

     When my friend’s dad died, he asked me for some assistance in shaping the eulogy he was about to give.  I offered a few suggestions, and he thanked me profusely for my help.  In the end, he eloquently covered 69 years of a man’s life which was all delivered from the heart.  I could not have been more proud of my friend who was never truly comfortable with public speaking.  Last week, I talked about writing your own eulogy by fully investing in your third act in life.  I say again, why wait for someone to write your final send off.  Do it yourself, make it happen, and live for how you can truly make a difference in this world.  As we the living, still have a mission that must be completed prior to our final transition.

Here are a few bullet points (lessons learned) I grabbed off of the universal timeline from the dearly departed I would like to share that may assist you in shaping the rest of your life:

1.      Take care of yourself from a health standpoint, and don’t ignore the warning signs.

2.      If you have children, prepare them to be the greatest legacy you leave behind to carry on your work.

3.      Only spend time on things that matter.

4.      Design the life you want to be most remembered for.

5.      If you have behavioral health issues don’t isolate yourself from society.  Someone out there has walked the same green mile, and can guide you through your darkest days.

6.      Live in the moment as if tomorrow never comes (best way to make the most of each day you are granted).

7.       Finally: In the face of adversity, always have the courage to take the high road


In health and wellness,