Greetings to Whom this presents,

Welcome to the first official post on the Cent’Anni Chat blog. The Italian phrase Cent’Anni (“chin don”), when used in the context of toasting to a person’s health means “May you live 100 years”. Although we cannot guarantee you that kind of longevity- when you enter our community you will experience a world that is rich in empathy, free of judgment, and grounded in holistic principles.

In this hurried society- all too often self-care becomes low on the daily priority list. As a result, the quality of life can slowly transform into chronic disease and illness. One of the greatest barriers to a successful lifestyle modification program is the daily stressors of life. Our goal is to help others-in-kind navigate these hurdles in the best way possible to achieve a balanced life for increased longevity, wellbeing, and peace of mind. The way to improve health and vitality is found in what we call “The Cornerstones to a Balanced Life”.

These principles consist of: Stress Management, Mindful Practices, Nutrition, Exercise, and Peer Support. To say thank you for visiting our website, you will find a free eBook that outlines the Cornerstones in greater detail. Think of it as the first step towards “uniting your human spirit with a Can-Do attitude”.


As a 23 year veteran of the fire service, I know what it is like to operate in a high stress world- to include the toll taken on one’s body. About half way through my career, I began to feel the effects of a ramped-up stress response: weight gain (heaviest at 186 lbs.), elevated blood sugar levels, and chronic fatigue. It was at that point I decided enough was enough, and I made the conscious choice to tackle each cornerstone one day at a time. I set the goals of improving the quality and vitality of my mind, body, and spirit to carry me not only through the rest of my career, but also long into my retirement years. It is these experiences that I offer to my Can-Do Community.

If you have any questions or would like to see special topics covered in the chat, feel free to stop by the contact page on our website and drop us a line. We would love to hear your thoughts. I am a health coach, but really, I’m the change agent who accompanies others on the road to wellbeing. If you had 100 years to live, how would you make the best of them?


In health, wellness, and a can-do spirit –

Tim Grutzius
President and Founder
Cent’Anni Life (Servicemark of A Balanced Life, LLC)

PS. Here’s a little food for thought from Five for Fighting

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