Who I Am

I am a Reiki Master and hold various supporting certifications in the health and wellness field. As a retired veteran of the fire service, I’ve worked in some of the highest-stress environments and understand the detrimental effect stress can have on the overall wellbeing of our mind, body, and spirit. I’m here to help you overcome obstacles in your life and become your very best self.

• 25+ year fire service veteran
• Illinois Firefighter Peer Support team member
• Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach
• Diploma in Holistic Health Practice
• Certificate in Wellness Consulting
• Certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner

During one of sessions, you might notice a a cute furry white helper in the background. That is my Reiki assistant, Vino. He greets clients, attends treatment sessions, and is a highly sensitive and supportive dog.

We rescued Vino, an American Eskimo, from the Chicago Canine Rescue. Vino has struggled with many health issues in the ten years he has been in our family. As he overcomes each challenge, he too, learns to live a more balanced life.

Get started now on your path to wellness.

Flat Rock, NC

(833) 244-6366


Hours 9-5, Monday-Friday, and by appointment.