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A Stronger, Happier, Healthier YOU.

You work. You care for your family. You make time for friends. You juggle schedules. You manage your home. No wonder so many of us are stressed out, frustrated, and feel like hamsters nonstop on a wheel. We get it. We’ve been there. Cent’Anni can help.

•   Are you chronically exhausted?

•   Do you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

•   Is your life happening to you, rather than you actively living it?

•  Do you find it difficult to turn off and put yourself first?

•  Do you need help getting started?

Balancing Your Whole Self

Stress affects our quality of life. It can negatively impact the mind, body, and spirit. Cent’Anni Life helps you discover the tools that are already within you to get back on track to healthy, holistic, mindful living. 

We believe that your mind, body, and spirit must work together in order for you to be your strongest, healthiest self. That’s why we use a three-point approach, along with proven methods that can help nourish, strengthen, and focus you.


stress management 

peer support

goal setting coaching

relaxation strategies


personal training

exercise guidance

nutrition assessments and coaching

health assessments and planning


mindfulness practices

self-care support

self-care planning

Who Can Benefit 

•  Those with trauma, PTSD, and other mind health issues

•  Those with major life events: job changes; new baby; divorce; financial issues, illness; death 

•  Emergency responders

•  Parents

•  Teachers

•  Military personnel

•  Primary caregivers

•  High-stress occupations

What We Offer

•  A low-stress environment

•  A community of like-minded individuals who serve as supportive guides

A three-point healing approach: mind, body, spirit

•  Customized lifestyle modification programs ranging from exercise and nutrition to Reiki and meditation

“Chronic stress is among the most costly health problems in terms of direct health costs, absenteeism, disability, and performance standards.


The American Institute of Stress


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


Mary Oliver, American Poet



The Italian phrase cent’anni (chen-DAH-ni), when used in the context of a toast, means “may you live to 100 years.”

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About Me

As a 25 year retired veteran of the fire service, I’ve worked in high-stress environments and have learned the hard way the detrimental effect they have on the overall wellbeing of our mind, body, and spirit.  In April of 2014, the stress became overwhelming. When I began to research post-traumatic stress, I felt as though what I was reading was written about me.  I sought help and was treated for this anxiety condition. Today, I’m stronger than ever, and I’m here to help you become your very best self. Let’s talk. 

Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Diploma in Holistic Health Practice

Certificate in Wellness Consulting

Certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner